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I am Mandee and I am only one person, just trying to change the world one day and one person at a time. People and their feelings matter to me.I hope the things I write can inspire people. I am 18 and turning 19 in November headed into my Senior year. I have an obsession with photogrphy writing and poetry. I love spending my free time writing poems about photographs or writing songs. I love listening to music and sitting by waterfalls and writing whatever comes to mind. I sometimes site and comtimplate why would anyone wanna committ suicide when life has so much to offer. When you need someone to talk to I will be there for you and that is a promise <3.

One day I will heal but my body will be covered in scars. Every scar on my body is like a poem it tells a story of feelings and emotion. Eventually the story will change but the scars will remain forever.